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  • How can I assign different account managers to review funds requests for different partners? The system administrator must give the account managers the co-op reimbursement permission, and also put the appropriate partners in each account manager's “scope”.
  • I notice you have Partner Tags and Partner Location Tags - is there a difference? Yes, there is. A Partner tag may be used to describe the partner as a whole - i.e. across all locations. An example of a partner tag might be: laptop reseller. A Location tag would be used to describe something that is specific to that location. An example of a location tag might be: service repairs. Looking at the big picture, this partner is a laptop reseller with a specific location handling service repairs.
  • How do I change my username and password? To change your password, you could click on the name link on the right hand side of the navibar. To change your username, you will need to contact your internal administrator.
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