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Marketing Funds

Distributors with eligibility to this applications file the most common claim types:

  • Advertising Reimbursements
  • Training
  • Scrap Claims
  • Business Development
  • Unmatched

All Business Development & Unmatched claims should first file a Use Approval. A Use Approval is a green light on your idea or money to be spent. Use Approvals are seen & approved by the RSM (Regional Sales Manager) and RC Manager (the RSM's manager). The process makes every aware of the idea before the money is spent. If you have Available Funds & follow through on the idea, you need to File a Claim. It is best to find the Use Approval and redeem it to file the claim. The system then ties the info together.

You may use a Use Approval on Advertising ideas as well to get direction from RC on your promo/idea.

Distributors who meet Sales goals, generate their Marketing Funds budget over the course of a year. In the start of the new budget, we estimate your Funds, then adjust to actual Funds beyond Q2.

This application will give a small set of users with this Role, the ability to file claims of various types for the Available Marketing Funds. There is an adjudication process for the different claims types.

  • Advertising Claims

Please upload receipts for Invoices to each specific claim. This will help the RCD approvers to review the validity of your claim.

  • Training Claims

Enter all people who received training separately.

  • Scrap Claims

Please take a photo(s) of your scrap piles and upload it as documentation.

For Scrap Claims - there is a new interface and mass upload tools from excel available. You will be able to receive pricing for the parts list in detail automatically in the new tool.

  • Business Development

New stores, renovations, special hires.

  • Unmatched

An unmatched claim is similar to an advertising claim with special agreement & needs Use Approval from RC Manager. The difference is the amount paid back is 100%.

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