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Extended Service Contracts

Distibutors with eligibility to this application create Hermetic & Semi-Hermetic Years 3-5 contracts on compressors. The application is specific to handling CBP/US & CCRP customers because of the payment processes.

The big picture processes vary but here's an idea of one way.

  • Dealers can offer Extended Service Contracts when compressors are sold. Standard Warranty is 1 year on most compressors. Some compressors have 2 year standard warranty.
  • Hermetic Compressors are sold by A & B type contract pricing.
  • Semi-Hermetic Compressors are sold with Y & Z type contract pricing.

The application allows the dealer to quote the contract and allows up to 45 days after purchase for the End Customer to purchase it. Once purchased, the important information for the serial #, part # & Installation date are collected to determine your Warranty period.

The system allows for the public to enter a Contract # or Serial # to determine when the coverage Expires.

Service Bench handles In-Warranty claims and in some instances Core Return is used for Out of Warranty Semi-Hermetic compressors.

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