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Distributor Roles

Each Distributor based on Channel has certain Eligibility to different Applications.

Master User Administrator

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The Master User Administrator permission is a special permission that allows them to Reset passwords for their peers.

Core Return

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A Role to Core Return System allows the user to see their Returns (past and inprogress) and also see their peers Returns. In this system, there are many users that have the same permission but each one files separate returns for their distinct location. The system allows the user to see the different statuses that the return is in from being prepared for shipment until final payment.

Extended Warranty

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In this role, users can create Hermetic & Semi-Hermetic Extended Service Contracts at the time they are selling the compressor. Distributors use it differently but you can use this to make the sale by adding it as an incentive to the end customer. A fee is always paid to RCD for the Extended Contract.

Credit Requests

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Some Distributors file their own claims against C10 in this system.

A user with this role can file Claims of the 4 main claim types, see More Info above. There are status notifications that push emails to you if your claim has been Rejected or Approved.

There is not typically more than one or a handful of people who files claims. Large Distributors should designate one person to file claims or can train multiple people to file them by location.

RCD Customer Service does file claims for certain distributors (E.g. International Customers).

Marketing Funds

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There are usually just one or a small amount of users who file claims against Marketing Funds Available Balance.

Each company is given money based on sales to grow their business.

There usually is a point person at each Distributor that does off-line management of how Claims should be filed.

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