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Master User Administrator

This is a special Role granted to a user who logs into often. The main purposes of this role are:

  • Reset peer passwords when they forgot.
  • Reset peer password when they are locked out by invalid attempts.
  • Reset peer password when they have not accessed the system within 3 months.
  • Set up Roles for peers for access to eligible Applications. E.g. Core Return or Market Funds
  • Know at a glance that a person requesting access or reset no longer works for that distributor

UTC policy rules are in place, so users need to change their password every 3 months. This results in Invalid attempts and goal of the Master User Administrator role is to get peers that need to get things done in quickly.

The person in this role receives an email push from the system, the email has link in it which requires a login. If the user is already logged in, the link takes them directly to “Edit” the specific user's login and check a box that says “Send token to this user”. Once they hit Save, the user receives an email with a temporary link in it.

This link gives them temporary access and allows them to choose a different password. Keep in mind UTC rules say that you need to change your password every 3 months and that it can not be the same one you used the last 3 times.

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