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Core Returns

The application is custom built in support of the Carlyle Stone Mountain (CSM) Core Buy Back program. Please refer to POM-410 on core return procedures. Also POM-407 for Carlyle Compressor Out of Warranty Exchange Program.

In 2018, we added a Rebuilt Compressor program (currently COPELAND only) please reference POM-415 Totaline Copeland Semi-Hermetic Core Return Procedure for additional policy details. The interface for this program has a yellow sidebar, different part set & different warehouse to return the cores.

Distibutors with eligibility to this application return Semi-Hermetic compressors to CSM for credit. The application is specific to handling CBP/US & CCRP customers because of the payment processes.

The big picture processes vary but here's an idea of one way.

  • Each Distributor processes Failed & Replacement Compressors (Compressors have a Core), there's paper associated with each the failed and replacement.
  • The Distibutor can use the Core Return application to built a Bill of Lading (BOL). The data entered into the system is also checked for accuracy. This in turn improves RCD's data for Replacement data. The specific data for the Paint Stick Tag # (PST #), Serial #, Part # should be on each core.
  • Once the distributor has enough cores to return or at time period of 3 months, they call a shipping company to delivery the cores to CSM in Stone Mountain, GA. Inside the system, they save their return to Shipped status, then print the BOL (it has weight calculations on it etc).
  • The truck make delivery to CSM. CSM processes each compressor. Nightly, CSM sends all Received Cores information (PST Tag #, Serial #, Model #, BOL #) to
  • The Core System custom system uses the information to match systematic matches with a grading system. The grading system can handle some cases of typographical errors and transposed information.
  • Once the Core has been received, there are two different paths:
  • Out of Warranty statuses - These statuses are paid out to parent code on the following Thursday weekly. Credit Memo information is seen inside the Core Return module.
  • In Warranty Claims - They need to be filed in Service Bench and will be paid out of that process.
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