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…to the RCDchannel support wiki.

Overview is a portal to various web applications for use by Carrier Replacement Components (RC aka RCD), staff and RC distributors. RC was previously referred to as Replacement Components Division (RCD). The RCDchannel portal is based on the ChannelSUITE system with some customizations to allow it to work with other RCD applications such as the Core Return Buy Back Program, Extended Warranty Contracts for Compressors, Marketing Funds and Credit Request systems.

These applications have been custom built for RC to handle manual, time consuming processes at the Distributor, RCD customer service & accounting departments.

This wiki provides help and documentation on various aspects of the portal and related applications. If you don't find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll try to add a new section or improve the existing content in the future.

Hint: the Search box at the top of every wiki page is your friend.

Your Setup/Registration

Every Distributor has a 6 digit code that parallels the code used in RCD Accounting Systems.

  • ICP/FAST uses SAP Accounting & can only use Market Funds application
  • Anyone who uses C10 Accounting may be eligible for the other applications.

This code is mirrored in various processes in both systems and in some cases payments are automated.

When new users register, they need to enter this code and a unique corporate email address.

  • Channel (Choose one of CBP/US, CCRP, International or ICP/FAST)
  • Unique Parent Code - because every login can only ever be tied to one Distributor (This helps with duplicate registrations.)
  • Corporate Email - because of UTC policy & potential turn-over you should use a corporate email. The I forgot my password links and locked out statuses all use email to your corporate account. uses a Delegated Registration Process meaning peers at your distributorship are marked as Master User Admin. They are the people who reset passwords and add roles to certain applications. If there is no one at your distributorship in this role, then someone at RC adds the role.

If you do not receive a login via email, first check your SPAM folder. If the email is in your SPAM folder, marked Not SPAM and add [email protected] to your address book. If you still do not have a link to gain access, then send an email to [email protected].

Online Applications

Follow the links to view specific details about the custom built applications. Most of the processes are custom built for certain Channels & are a combination of full picture processes. Some of the full picture is done outside the systems, then filed within the portal applications.


  • RCDchannel FAQs – Frequenty asked questions about the features and usage of the TotalineChannel portal
  • Help Pages – Context-specific help pages that are linked from the TotalineChannel interface

Live Technical Support

If you require technical assistance from a mostly-live humanoid, please contact the tech support team

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