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The ChannelSUITE High Level FAQ

What is this High Level FAQ?

This FAQ is intended to answer some overall questions about the use of channelSUITE

What are channelLEADS, channelFUNDS, channelADMIN, etc?

The channelSUITE lineup consists of several “modules” that provide different types of functionality. All channelSUITE installations since version 4.0 include the channelADMIN features, and may or may not include the features associated with one ore more additional modules that were purchased by your company. For more information on these modules, please go here.

Why can't I find feature X?

Your company may not have purchased the channelSUITE module that provides that feature. Or, in some cases you may not have been granted the correct permissions to use a certain feature. For example, if you don't have the “Manage Recruits” permission, you won't see the Recruits menu on your main navigation bar. See your system administrator if you need more permissions.

I currently get some notification emails from your system. Can I get them sent to my cell phone instead?

Probably! Most of the larger cell phone carriers can provide you with an email address that gets forwarded to your phone as an SMS text message. For example, Verizon users with text messaging service can receive email at <yournumber>, or <yournumber> for Sprint PCS. You can often configure your regular email account to forward a copy of emails that match a certain profile to a second email address (such as the one provided by your cell carrier).

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