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Password Issues

NOTE: UTC compliance rules are in effect. You must change your password every 3 months. If you have not logged on the system within 3 months, then you may be redirected to I forgot my password link. The purpose of this process is that someone must verify you are current employee seeking access. You should receive an email with a link in it so you can setup your own password.

If you are a Distributor and have had access to the system in the past, please use the I forgot my password link first. These emails are directed to someone specific to re-issue you a temporary token for access. Second, please email Be specific about who you are, your username and what you are trying to accomplish.

Use our online “Issue Tracker” ticket system, or contact us by email. Use of the Issue Tracker is recommended, since the issue details are available to all involved parties immediately and recorded in an organized way for future reference.

Online Issue Tracker

(This is for RCD Employees to Log Application Code Issues & Requests)

Log in to report a new issue or track status of an open issue. Our support staff is immediately notified for follow up action. Features:

  • Ability to view current status with email notifications of changes.
  • Ability to view associated notes and files.
  • Historical issues and resolutions.

To request an issue tracker login account, please contact the support line or your account manager.


Designated users at Carrier reset passwords. Email Please be specific about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

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