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Every Distributor has a 6-7 digit code that parallels the code used in RCD Accounting Systems.

  • For C10 Customers - This 6 digit code is in the top left corner of every invoice.
  • For ICP/FAST Customers - This 6-7 digit code is on your FAST invoices.

This code is mirrored in various processes in both systems and in some cases payments are automated.

When new users register, they need to enter this code and a unique corporate email address.

  • Channel (Choose one of CBP/US, CCRP, International or ICP/FAST)
  • Unique Parent Code - because every login can only ever be tied to one Distributor (This helps with duplicate registrations.)
  • Corporate Email - because of UTC policy & potential turn-over you should use a corporate email. The I forgot my password links and locked out statuses all use email to your corporate account.

The email address is checked to be unique across the system. Your 6 digit code ties each Registration to one specific Distributor.

This Distributor can have a different user designated as Master User Administrator. This person is someone who uses the system daily or weekly and can quickly evaluate other staff at their distributorship and take care of peer “I forgot my password” functions.

In the system, there if there is no one at this role, then the email escalates to RCD IT or designated Application people to send the user access to the system. In the escalated scenario, it may take RCD a few days to respond to grant access. If you would like to know more about being a Master User Admin, then send an email to [email protected] we can evaluate your request to determine to add the role.

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