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The channelFUNDS FAQ

What do my partners see when they log into the system?

Your partners have access to: their budget lines, their current and historical activities, the create-a-new-activity submission form, and an interface that allows them to change their password.

I notice that when I mouse-over items they become highlighted in either blue or yellow. Does that signify anything?

Yes. In either case, the mouse-over highlight signifies that an item is clickable for editing and additional functionality purposes. Usually clicking on a yellow highlight will allow you to make an edit, while clicking on a blue highlight will open up an area for additional inputs.

I want to edit the text of the system generated notification emails. Is there a way to do that?

Yes, if you have the correct permission, you may edit emails beneath the System Admin menu item, and then selecting Tool Options.

Who sees what in terms of scope?

Partners only see their own activities and budget lines; admins see the partners and budget lines with which they are associated. Please refer to channeladmin_faq for instructions on how to set the scope.

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