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Budget Lines


Budget Lines are allotments of funding that will be used to reimburse claims. Budget Lines (BL) may be broken out by:

  1. Partner Accrual Accounts
  2. Strategic Investment Accounts


Partner Accrual

This type of BL has its monies tied to individual partner accounts. Adding/subtracting from these accounts may be done by file upload or by manual credit/debit.

When doing a file upload, you can subtract from a partner's BL balance, by including a negative number in the file template (i.e. -500).

When making a manual edit, a useful bit of functionality is the List All partners feature.

Strategic Investment

This type of BL has its monies tied to accounts that have a specific theme or focus in mind. For example, there may be a new product launch, Widgets, that has marketing monies associated. Using the SI BL, an admin would create an Account of Widgets Marketing and use those funds when appropriate for partner activities.

The system allows the SI accounts to be used by internal Trustees who are explicitly tied to the account in the SI BL setup process.

You may Add/Subtract funds by intra-budget transfer functionality or manual credits/debits.


  • For the BL Partner Account upload template - what accounts are listed? The template includes all partners within the application.
  • How do I transfer funds between accounts? For partner accounts, you would click through to the detail screen of a Partner Accrual BL, then click on 'List All' partners. From there you would click on 'Add/Subtract Funds Online' and add funds to the destination account and subtract funds from the source account. For Strategic Investment accounts, you would click on the 'Intra-Budget Transfer' button which will allow you to make this edit.
  • How do I “roll over” unused funds account balances from one time period to another? When you close out a budget line, you will have the option of rolling the funds over into an existing budget line or creating a new one. Of note, a roll over can only be done for budget lines of the same type. Put another way, you may only roll Partner Accrual BLs to a BL of the same type. The same holds true for Strategic Investment BLs.
  • When I roll over monies, what accounts are they tied to beneath the new budget line? They are tied to like accounts. For example, if it is a roll over of a partner accrual account - the money would be tied to the same partner as the originating account.
  • Are the Fiscal Period and Deadline dates informational or do they have a functional purpose? Both are informational in nature. This was done intentionally for flexibility purposes.
  • I noticed little down arrows on the account list and search buttons. Are they meaningful? Yes, there are embedded options when you click on that arrow.
  • When I am adding/deleting funds from an account, there is a description field. Where does that description show up? That description will show up on the Account Detail screen, when that particular budget line is selected. To get there, click the name of the account when it is listed beneath a BL.
  • I noticed that when setting up an Administrator's scope, I am mapping the user to Partner locations. However, when I am setting up a Partner Accrual Budget Line, I am associating funds to a whole partner. What are the implications? Funds are associated to a partner as a whole, and Admins are associated to partner locations. An Admin who is associated to a partner location has the ability to draw on the entire amount of funds for the Partner should they so choose.
  • When I delete a Strategic Investment budget line account, what happens? When you delete a strategic account, its like it never existed. However, we only let you delete the account until a withdrawal has been made (a reimbursement, or a manual debit)
  • How do I delete Strategic Investment account? To delete this type of account, you can access an SI Budget Line, click on List All and click on the account name. From there you will be able to delete the account. Of note, if you are unsure if you will need the account in the future then you may be better off Locking the account instead of deleting it. Also, please see the FAQ above prior to deleting any account.
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