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Activity Detail


When a new activity is entered into the system by a partner, the activity value will be listed as a 'pre-approval' request amount by that user.

While it is not required, an associated admin has the ability to record a pre-approval amount in this section. At any later point in time, the admin may click on the pre-approval amount that has been entered and update it with a new figure.

The pre-approval values are for reference sake.


  • A new expenditure came up - but I already closed out the activity? What do I do? No problem. The closed activities are still available and editable by admins. If needed, admins can re-open the activity for partner input.
  • What happens if my reimbursements reach the pre-approval amount? The application allows users to add as many expenditure and reimbursement entries as they please. To 'complete' an activity, the admin would set it as closed. Additionally, if you close an activity pre-maturely, the admin may reopen that activity and additional entries may be made.
  • The partner put in wrong information to the system and needs to have it changed. What can he do? The partner would need to work with his associated admin to have the information edited. The admin has a greater ability to make edits. Additionally, if the activity has just been input, the admin has the option of Closing it and asking the partner to re-input an activity with updated data.
  • After an activity is set as closed, what happens? When an activity is set as closed, it disables the partner user from adding any additional data. The associated Admin still has the ability to make edits to the activity, should he feel it necessary. Lastly, the Admin has the ability to re-open an activity should it have been closed prematurely.
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