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Recruit Detail

For information on setting up internal admins to service Recruiter, please click here.

Company Details

These details are either manually entered by an Admin or captured via the recruit form that an interested partner fills out online.

What happens when approved

Something to keep in mind is that when a recruit is ready to be approved, an Admin will need to edit/assign a Theater and Region within this section.

Upon approval the appropriate Detail fields will be saved as new Partner, Location, and Contact records.

Endorsements, Notes & Attachments, Check List

This includes the ability to log an endorsement; add a note and attachment; or check off an item from the checklist. These actions are intended to be supporting data for the final approver.

In the case of Endorsements and Notes/Attachments, users may log multiple entries should they so wish.


A complete overview of the Recruit process may be found in the “How To” Guides -Partner Recruiting with ChannelSUITE here.

Some quick takeaways are:

  • Recruiter application was designed with flexibility in mind.
  • A new recruit entry sends a notification to admins who have been setup with the Recruit Coordinator role
    • These admins can either take action or assign the recruit to another admin for their follow up.
  • Should it become apparent that the recruit's status should be changed the admin may take the action of either Rejecting the recruit or stating that it is Ready for Approval.
    • The RFA status will send a notification to users who have been setup with the Recruit Final Approval role. If they have Approve Recruits permission, they can then log into the system and approve the recruit application.

Something to keep in mind is that if a recruit is set as rejected, but needs to have its status looked at again, an admin may choose Open Recruit to activate the process.


  • What gets logged to History in Recruiter? The history logs the following:
    • the entry of a New Application record
    • status change
    • admin assignment
    • admin referral
    • note added
    • application update/edit
    • new endorsement
    • check list item update
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