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Partner Bulk Import/Export


Steps to import new contacts:

  1. Download this template contact-import.xls
  2. Fill in the information needed.
  3. Upload the excel file.
  4. Review the preview screen for the import results. It will display the incoming contacts and there statuses should you proceed with the import.
    • Statuses: Will be Imported, Will be Held, Will be Skipped.
  5. If the import looks correct, then click on proceed. Otherwise, you have the option to click back to reattempt your upload.

If there is data in the status of Will be held, you will have the ability to choose Manage held contacts to manually assign to partner and locations.

Manage Held Contacts

Should imported contact data be held, at some point you will need to manually assign it. To do this, you would:

  1. click on Partners > Bulk Import/Export > Imports > Manage Held Contacts
  2. select Manage Held Contacts
  3. select and show the batch file of the held contacts you wish to assign
  4. check off the contact, choose the partner from the dropdown, and click proceed.

Salesforce Import:


  • I tried to upload some new contacts, but they are being held due to 'Invalid Partner Location'? The Partner Contact Bulk Import assumes that there is an already set up partner and location. Should a match not be made, the application 'holds' the uploaded data so you can associate it to an account at a later time.
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