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There are two roles associated with Recruiter:

  1. Recruit Coordinator - persons assigned this role will receive the “New Application Received” email notification.
  2. Recruit Final Approval - persons assigned this role will receive the “Recruit Application ready for Final Approval” email notification.

Please note that a user won't show up on the list to potentially have a role unless they have the appropriate permission. Permissions are set beneath their Admin user account, which is found on the 'System Account' tab beneath an Administrator's detail page (Administrators > Summary > user name > Systems Account).

Manage Direct Post Options

The application allows clients to have a recruit form on their website and upon submission, it is direct posted into the recruiter application. This section provides the ability to set a redirect site after submission, should you wish to redirect to a 'thank you', 'more info', or other webpage.

Additionally, should you need help setting up the initial direct post, please go here.

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