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Constant Contact Integration

This feature allows you to easily upload a list of partner contact emails from ChannelSUITE's partner communication center into an existing Constant Contact account.


Constant Contact is a popular and inexpensive email marketing service that you can use to manage email communications to your partners. It provides many useful features like email personalization, attractive templates, click-through tracking and reporting, bounce handling, opt-out handling, etc.

The ChannelSUITE partner communications center provides powerful tools for creating targeted email lists. You can then upload these lists into Constant Contact and use them as a basis for newsletters or promotional mailings.

To get started, you need to register for a Constant Contact account. You may want to try their 60-day free trial

How to Do It

Once you have defined a list (as a set of search parameters) in the ChannelSUITE communication center, one of the available functions is to upload the list to Constant Contact. You will be prompted for your Constant Contact username and password, and then we'll upload the list to your Constant Contact account automatically.

You can then log into your Constant Contact account to define and send an email campaign.


Why would I use Constant Contact instead of your built-in Email Blast feature? The communication center's email blast is great for sending quick messages to a group of partners, but it doesn't offer the advanced email campaign management features that are available in a service such as Constant Contact.

If I have Constant Contact, why do I need your communication center? Constant Contact is great for sending email to a list, but where did the list come from? That's where the channelSUITE communication center really shines – you can easily make lists by theater, region, specialty, partner tier, etc.

Why can't I see the list I just uploaded in my Constant Contact account? When ChannelSUITE uploads a list to Constant Contact, they create a “Activity” which processes the uploaded list. This may take a short while to complete. You may track the progress of the list import and view any errors under the Activity list in your Constant Contact account.

Can I upload to an existing list in Constant Contact? No, you must create a new list. If you specify an existing list name, you'll be prompted to enter a new one. In your Constant Contact account, you can merge, rename, and delete lists (under the Contacts tab).

I notice that some of the contacts in the list on ChannelSUITE did not show up in Constant Contact. Why? Most likely that is because the contacts are missing email addresses, which are required by Constant Contact. Log into your Constant Contact account and under the Activity page view your activity. They will show you the errors of the upload including missing email addresses.

Why do I need to enter my Constant Contact password every time? For privacy and security reasons, we do not store your Constant Contact credentials on our server.

Constant Contact is a registered trademark of Constant Contact, Inc.

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